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The State of Caring Survey 2022

The State of Caring Survey led by Carer’s UK, is the is the most extensive survey into Carers’ experiences in Great Britain. The survey asks Carers to say what life is like now, and what needs to change. Your responses will be used by Carer’s UK to focus their work and to communicate to decision-makers what really matters to you. 

To get a full picture of what being a Carer is currently like, the challenges you might face, and the impact caring has on finances, health, and wellbeing, are all included in the survey. As a result, the survey is quite in-depth and it may take 20-30 minutes to complete – so grab a cuppa and get comfy! The 2022 survey is now open. You can complete the survey until it closes on 11 September.

Take the survey here.

Last year over 8,000 Carers shared their experiences with Carer’s UK. With their help, the charity was able to:

  • Secure new rights for carers in the Health and Social Care Act 2022 in England
  • Campaign for cost of living increases in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • Provide evidence of the need for a right to Carer’s Leave and other support within the workplace,
  • and campaign for breaks and funding for social care.

What Carers say in the survey really makes a real difference, not only to Carer’s UK campaigning activity, but to the support and services that we provide. We very much appreciate everyone who takes the time to complete the survey.

If you have any questions about the research, please contact Carer’s UK policy team by emailing policy@carersuk.org