Carer Support

What If Plan

It’s important to take some time to think about what would happen in the event you were suddenly unable to carry out your caring role. A ‘What If’ plan is a document where you can write down everything about the person you care for and their needs and preferences. In the unfortunate event that something did prevent you for being about to support your loved-one, it acts as a guide for those who step in to provide care.

You can view this example ‘What If’ Guide here to help you complete your own contingency plan using this ‘What If’ template. Make sure you place it somewhere that’s easy to find such as a noticeboard or fridge, so friends and family can easily access it. Many local authorities or Carers organisations have an emergency service that will step in to cover care in the event of an emergency, as long as you are registered in advance – contact your local support service to find out more.