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Join Priority Services Registers for Peace of Mind

Thousands of people with ­disabilities rely on electricity to run life-saving equipment, including ventilators, wheelchairs, hoists, stairlifts, as well as specially adapted electric beds and toilets. If you look after someone who relies on medical electrical equipment or has a high level of water use, make sure you join priority services registers.

The chief executive of National Grid has warned that we may need to prepare for blackouts between 4pm and 7pm on “really, really cold” weekdays in January and February. This is in the event of reduced gas imports from Europe.

We recommend if you have not already done so, to join the Priority Service Register so that you will get priority support in an emergency — some may arrange heating and cooking facilities too. You can contact your energy supplier directly to join their register or contact local electricity network operator, National Grid and local gas network operator Cadent.

Water companies also hold a Priority Service Register and other support services for those classed as being vulnerable customers. Here’s information about South Staffs Water’s Priority Services Register and Severn Trent Water’s Priority Services Register.

The Importance of Being Prepared
As well as adding yourself to the Priority Services Register, making sure that you have plans and resources in place should a power cut occur will ensure that you and your family are safe and secure until power is returned. Take a look at National Grid’s advice so that you are prepared.

If you look after someone it’s wise to have plans in place should something unexpectedly happen to you and you are not able to be there for the person you care for. Make a note of key names and numbers of those who would need to be contacted and provide them with information that you have already compiled about the needs of the person you provide care for. Such as:

  • Their name and age
  • Their health/personal care needs
  • Medication
  • Dietary requirements
  • Communication needs
  • Level of mobility etc

Worried About Rising Energy Costs?
If you, or the person you provide care for is reliant on life-saving equipment, you are most likely worried about the rise in energy costs. Make sure you check that you are getting all the welfare benefits that you might be entitled to. Use Forward Carers NEW BENEFITS CALCULATOR to see if you are eligible for extra payments or support.