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Carer’s Income Increases by £500 a Week

Are you Missing Out on Vital Funds?
More than seven million UK households could be missing out on benefits like council tax discounts, according to analysis from online benefits calculator Entitledto. Benefits and other government support are not just for those who are out of work. Millions of households on low incomes are also losing out.

Many benefits and discounts aren’t granted automatically; depending on what you’re eligible for, you’ll need to apply to your local council or HMRC. Don’t miss out on money that you are entitled to. As a registered Carer with Walsall Carers Hub you can directly access Forward Carers Benefits Calculator.

Check here to see what State Benefits you are entitled to
The cost-of-living crisis is affecting most of the country especially if you are unable to work because you or a family member has a disability or long-term illness. Ensuring that you check that you are receiving all the state benefits that you are entitled to is a must.

This is exactly what Mrs X did. Mrs X is a full time Carer for her child who has additional needs. She used Forward Carers’ new Benefits Calculator to input her details including her net income, housing costs, council tax and so on and was amazed at the results. Here is a breakdown of the benefits that Mrs X is entitled to:

Universal Credit£398.34 per week
Carer’s Allowance£69.70 per week
Council Tax Support£13.61 per week
Child Benefit    £36.25 per week

Mrs X discovered she was entitled to an estimated £517.90 per week, just by spending 15 minutes to complete the online form. In addition, a pdf report was emailed to her with other entitlements she might qualify for, such as: free school meals, free Prescriptions and eye tests, NHS low income scheme, heating help for private tenants, home improvements grants, discretionary housing payment, Carer’s credit and cold weather payments.

What are the Benefits of using the Calculator?

  • Obviously, the first advantage of using Forward Carers Benefits Calculator is you will be confident that you are claiming all of the income that you are entitled to. The report emailed to you will tell you how to claim the support on offer.
  • If English is not your first language, you can select which language you would like to use, making the process easier and quicker to complete. Just click this symbol at the top of the calculator page to access it.
  • If you are registered with Walsall Carers Hub, and would like to contact one of our advisors, just quote the Calculation Reference on your calculation report and they can talk you through it. By keeping your Calculation Reference safe, you can revisit your information on the benefits calculator at any time, this is a real benefit if your circumstances change and you need a revised calculation. It will also avoid repetition if you contact the hub team in relation to any financial queries as your Calculation Reference will give them access to your benefits information.

Access Forward Carers Benefits Calculator today and see if you can claim any additional income or support.

The information you give in the Benefits Calculator is kept confidential and is anonymous, it doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information unless you choose to submit it. You will be given instructions on how to go about making a claim for any benefits that have been highlighted that you are entitled to. Our advisors can only access the information you submit if you provide them with your Calculation Reference. To contact one of our advisors email info@walsallcarershub.org.uk or call 01922 616 798.